FCI positions your investments for a variety of market conditions

Asset Allocation

FCI’s investment goal for clients is a simple one: maximize long term returns while minimizing risk. Active asset allocation management is our most important tool in accomplishing this goal and is the primary focus of our investment management services.

While our portfolio managers know how important it is to draw on their experience of numerous market cycles, we view investment management as an active process rather than a statistical study of historic trends. Effective asset allocation management considers current market conditions and economic indicators, but it also must factor in the short-term and long-term investment goals of each client. Because of our record of low staff turnover, our strength is combined with consistency.


Financial Counselors’ investment goals are to provide clients with superior long-term returns while controlling risks. Our tactical asset allocation process evaluates current market conditions and investment indicators to strategically shift or tilt our weightings versus the longer term core strategic asset allocation models. These tactical decisions are made opportunistically and are designed to increase potential relative returns or avoid shorter term risks.

The Investment Committee establishes tactical weightings for each of the core asset allocation models. Based on the current economic environment, monetary and fiscal policies, secular, economic, social and demographic trends as well as several technical and financial indicators, we identify the relative attractiveness of the following:

  • Equity versus Fixed Income
  • Equity style weightings: value, growth, and core
  • Equity capitalization weightings: large, medium, and small
  • Domestic versus foreign equities
  • Developed versus emerging markets
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • High yield securities
  • Fixed income duration/yield curve analysis
  • Money market
  • Alternative asset classes

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