Customized Investment Management for Wealth Managers and Trust Officers

For Trust Professionals

Trust officers and wealth managers are faced with multiple demands on their time, including building an asset allocation framework, analyzing securities, constructing customized portfolios, meeting with clients, and networking to develop new clients.  If you manage a wealth management/trust department and there are not enough hours each day for you and your staff to satisfactorily address all of these demands, we can help.

FCI Advisors has dozens of investment professionals that understand how to manage multiple investment strategies in a fiduciary environment. Working at the direction of the advisors we serve, FCI creates investment solutions that are personalized to address the unique circumstances and goals of each of their clients.

Think of FCI Advisors as your on-demand investment committee and marketing support team, ready to help you enhance your practice, strengthen your client relationships, and grow your business.

FCI can help you:

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