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By Bill Koehler, CFA

In September, several FCI associates had the pleasure of hosting Brigadier General Donald Scott at our offices. After a distinguished 31-year military career, General Scott retired in 1991 and subsequently held senior leadership positions with the City of Atlanta, AmeriCorps and the Library of Congress. He was inspired to military service as a 10-year-old in 1948, the same year President Harry Truman integrated the armed forces. We are a better nation because of the inspiration and call to duty he felt as a youth in Hunnewell, Missouri, 70 years ago. He is an outstanding gentleman who has contributed much to our country for decades and is still actively doing so through his writing, speaking and charitable endeavors.

During his time with us that day, General Scott told stories from his life and career which imparted important lessons about leadership, teamwork and resilience. He spoke of having the “courage to try” as key in overcoming obstacles and solving problems. Many of these lessons are detailed in his book, Recipient of Grace, which will soon be followed by another book he is currently completing. (As an aside, we will send a free copy of Recipient of Grace to the first three Perspectives readers to send me an email at bill.koehler@fciadvisors.com requesting a copy).

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