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Fundamental Focus

By Bill Koehler, CFA

The Chinese are said to have an ancient proverb, “May you live in interesting times.” I think it is fair to say that Americans are indeed living in times that are, at the very least, interesting. In this environment, as always, investors need to exercise discipline. Presently, investor focus must fall into two areas. First, in light of one of the most unconventional presidential elections in U.S. history, focus must be placed on current events in Washington D.C. Attention must be paid to the leadership teams being assembled and policy ideas being floated. Anticipating the ramifications of the impending changes can lead to the unearthing of profitable opportunities. Secondly, at times like these where emotions can run high for the electorate and capital market participants, investors must be laser focused on the facts and fundamentals around investment opportunities, the real drivers of long-term market returns.

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